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This gene encodes α1,3-fucosyltransferase 10 (FUT10). In in vitro enzyme activity assay, FUT10 enzyme is reported to transfer α1-3-fucose to GlcNAc on a core structure of N-linked glycans (Man-GlcNAc-GlcNAc-Asn) and synthesize a core α1-3-fucose structure (mainly transfers to agalacto N-glycans. The activity is relatively weak to biantennary N-glycans). However, although carrier glycoproteins of N-glycans with the core α1-3-fucose structure are reported in plants and insects, these are not reported in human. The enzyme does not show activity to short lactosamine acceptor substrates (i.e. Lewis x antigen synthetic activity), which are generally used in activity assays. In fetal brain tissues (cortical ventricular zone and neural stem cell), it is reported to synthesize the Lewis x structure [Galβ1-4(Fucα1-3)GlcNAc-R] on the non-reducing ends of bisecting N-glycans.
Lewis blood group Lewis x histoblood group antigen


GGDB SymbolFUT10
Alias MGC11141    details
Designationalpha1,3-fucosyltransferase 10
OrganismHomo sapiens
GeneID 84750
HGNC 19234
mRNA NM_032664       (CDS)
Protein NP_116053       (CDS)
OMIM 616931   
This page does not indicate all of the enzymatic reaction, and expression of "FUT10".