GlycoProtDB ID - GPDB0001835

Protein Name ATPase Na+/K+ transporting beta 1 polypeptide (Fragment)
Protein Accession Number B0LAB6
Gene Atp1b1
Length 31
release : 2016-12-05

Glycosylation Sites

Schema of N-glycosylation site(s) of the protein


(__:Potential Sequon , N:Identified Site)


N-glycosylation sites

Potential sites Identified Peptide*1
Position Sequon Position Sequence Unique or Shared
12 NLT 6 - 20
Shared ( 6 )
1 - 20
Shared ( 6 )
6 - 24
Shared ( 6 )
1 - 24
Shared ( 6 )
Brain Heart Kidney(Fut9 KO) Kidney(Fut9 WT) Liver: b4GalT-I(+/+) Liver: b4GalT-I(-/-) Skeletal_muscle Stomach
ConA RCA120 Amide80 AAL(+) AAL(+) RCA120 RCA120 Amide80 RCA120 RCA120
*1:   _:Potential Sequon     :Asn (glycosylated)     :Gln (deaminated:pyroGlu)     :Met (oxidized)     :Cys (carbamidomethylated and deaminated)

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