GlycoProtein DataBase

GlycoProtDB (GPDB)

What's GlycoProtDB ?

GlycoProtDB is a glycoprotein database providing information of Asn (N)-glycosylated proteins and their glycosylated site(s), which were constructed by employing a bottom-up strategy using actual glycopeptide sequences identified by LC/MS-based glycoproteomic technologies. Current contents are glycoproteins identified from model organisms C.elegans , mouse (C57BL/6, male) and human. The database is searchable using gene ID, gene name, and its description (protein name) as query. Each data sheet of glycoproteins is based on a single amino acid sequence in Wormpep database for C.elegans and UniProt database for mouse. The sheet presents actually detected N-glycosylation site(s) which are displayed each capturing methods of glycopeptide subset, e.g., lectins Concanavalin A, wheat germ agglutinin (WGA), or HILIC (hydrophilic interaction chromatography), as well as potential N-glycosylation sites (NX[STC], X≠P). Protein sequences, which have common glycopeptide sequence(s), are linked each other.


LC/MS-based glycoprotein identification was performed as a part of Structural Glycomics Project supported by NEDO (the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) and the RIO Database Project by AIST for mouse, and by the Integrated Proteomics System Project, Pioneer Research on Genome the Frontier, by the MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology) for C.elegans. The database construction was supported by The Integrated Database Project by MEXT and The Program for Coordination Toward Integration of Related Databases by JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency).

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